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Tama Smith,  smiling middle-aged black woman with short hair

Tama is the Head of Women Living a Richer Life at Brighton Jones, in Seattle, WA. Her story is poignantly beautiful. She started out a highly driven undergrad at Berkeley, launched her own company serving as its CEO, and as the business model started to reveal significant cracks, Tama received that dreaded phone call …

Just as Tama was heading into a deep valley of professional despair because of her company’s broken business model, Tama’s beloved sister who lived in LA with her teen-age son, and was the primary caretaker of their aging parents, was diagnosed with malignant cancer. Tama rushed to her sister’s aid and within a matter of weeks, her sister passed. In that instant, Tama’s life was forever changed.

Tama’s story unfolds in this episode of Purpose Lounge and with it the teachings that only an MBA Wharton grad and the former CEO of the Tyra Banks Company, can so eloquently and passionately deliver. Highlights from the show:

  • Avoid the “bag lady or bag person” fear by emotionally addressing your insecurities around money and financial planning

  • Life throws a lot of curve-balls; are you emotionally and financially prepared?

  • What it means to live a richer life

  • Emotional, social, physical and financial wellbeing… leads to a person’s ability to be truly happy

  • Statistics on why women have a hard time with financial wellbeing (the data will surprise you)

  • How do you know if you’ll be financially ok? What you can do to start building up your confidence AND time.

  • Advice to the younger generations around purpose…


    • It might just be TOO SMALL FOR YOU!

To learn more about Tama Smith and the work she does to educate and empower women to live a richer life:

To view the original story visit:

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