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Women Entrepreneurs
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A key element of the Be Bold for Change mission is to support women gaining economic party through education. Women own over 40% of small businesses and have told us that they are looking for training and support to successfully grow and operate their businesses online. They are increasingly turning to ecommerce as a critical sales channel and entrepreneurs will benefit from targeted training to grow, thrive and hire employees. Demand for this content was confirmed in a recent research study conducted by WMarketplace*  with over 10,000 women-owned businesses and the results were clear:


would like to have instructor-led ecommerce training 


prioritize training on marketing and channel analysis 


are not using strategic businesses tools or services 


are interested in joining a cohort of women-business owners selling on a dedicated platform with a national audience. 

The WMarketplace offers support and instructor-led ecommerce workshop-based training for women owned businesses to launch, grow and scale online. HER-Commerce™ launched in 2020 and over 130 businesses have successfully completed the workshops and implemented the training and tools to grow their businesses. 

The HER-Commerce™ Program Model is Simple: 
sponsor a cohort for $1500 per participating business

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Is HER-Commerce™ sponsorship right for your company?

  • Are you looking for authentic engagement with small businesses who are investing in their own growth?

  • Is your company looking for new ways to support marginalized businesses?

  • Do you want to align your businesses with the mission-driven WMarketplace brand?

  • Are tangible, measurable results from your marketing or DEI budget important to your company?

HER-Commerce™ Sponsorship package includes: 

  • Press release announcing sponsorship

  • 15-minute dedicated speaking time with each sponsored cohort, typically 30 to 40 businesses

  • Sponsorship recognition in all promotional emails

  • Sponsorship recognition on dedicated HER-Commerce™ landing page on The WMarketplace website 

  • Sponsorship recognition and announcement of support in newsletter communications

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Ready to sponsor or want to discuss opportunities? 

Visit for more information

Partnership Lead at WMarketplace

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