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Collage of colorful & diverse women

Be Bold For Change

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what is

Be Bold For Change

Be Bold for Change is a US 501 c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to embolden, equip and activate the changemakers of today and tomorrow to close the gender gap. We empower women and girls to use their voice, talent and agency to make impactful change happen now. By connecting diverse multi- generational women and girls through storytelling, workshops, coaching and mentoring to learn how to become advocates and fight for change

an annual event

Be Bold Now

Be Bold Now is an annual intergenerational community event which first started in Seattle, Washington 8 years ago on International Women's Day and expanded to London in 2023. At Be Bold Now, women and girls take the stage to share stories of courage, inspiration, and support. This event also serves to shine a light on women’s achievements and the work that still needs to be done to create equity for all women and girls around the globe.

Find out more:

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the next generation

Be Bold Girls

Bold Girls is the youth brand of the Be Bold for Change nonprofit organization, targeted at middle and high schoolers who are passionate about making changes to overcome challenges faced by young women and girls.  The Student Team designed a program called Transform the Norm to bust out of date and harmful stereotypes that impact their daily mental health. Join our programs:

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be bold for change

Giving Circle

A Giving Circle is a collaborative philanthropic tool that leverages small amounts of money to make a more substantial cumulative impact


The Be Bold for Change Giving Circle was started by the nonprofit co-founders to involve more supporters and donors in program engagement and funding to embolden and equip women, girls, and their allies to become changemakers and build a more equitable world for all.

get involved

Careers & Volunteers

Calling volunteers ready for their next board position – we are hiring! Join us in our mission to create a more just and equal world for women and girls everywhere.


Board commitment involves several important responsibilities that board members must fulfill during their two-year tenure. These responsibilities include attending all board meetings, either in-person or virtually, and actively participating in discussions and decision-making processes.



Not able to commit to a board position right now but are open to volunteering? We'd love your help!

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young black woman in wheel chair

get inspired

Bold Stories

When women and their allies share their stories, it is empowering. Shared stories are a catalyst to build community and realizing that others share your feelings and experiences. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Hear stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, or submit your own! 

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