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Be Bold For Change is proud to partner with WMarketplace Accelerator to deliver entrepeneurship training to women-owned businesses in the U.S. and globally. Education of women and girls is core to the mission of Be Bold and our partnership with WMarketplace allows us to extend our mission to reach women entrepreneurs with technical skills training. This partnership allows us to extend our mission outside of the U.S. with the training WMarketplace is delivering to women entrepreneurs globally.  


Our mission is to drive economic development for female entrepreneurs through the growing ecosystem of online sales. Ecommerce is a leveling agent for economic access and growth, whether you are a solo operator in the U.S. or a growing business anywhere in the world. If you have access to the internet, you can own and operate an online business, and you don't have to do it alone.

WMarketplace Accelerator is a catalyst for online sales growth, combining ecommerce curriculum, digital marketing, channel analysis tools, access to funding and coaching with a thriving, nationwide online sales channel and community to support the growth of women-owned businesses.

how can you support women entrepreneurs?

Be Bold for Change partners with WMarketplace Accelerator to raise funds to support small businesses so they can participate in the program.  


You can choose to support women small business owners in the U.S., or you can earmark your donation for our targeted Ukraine business development program.  



Over 160 small, women-owned businesses have successfully participated in the WMarketplace Accelerator. From Seattle, Washington to Kiev, Ukraine, and many points between, these businesses have found community, mentorship, practical tools and online sales skills to help them grow their businesses and reinvest in their communities and families.

The Accelerator has welcomed a diverse group of companies including rural, artisan food businesses, urban jewelry designers, small apparel brands and a cohort that included women-owned coffee roasters. We can customize our content to meet the needs of our cohorts, or the needs of a cohort sponsor.

While almost all of these businesses have chosen to join WMarketplace's ecommerce marketplace, it is not a requirement of the program.


about wmarketplace

The WMarketplace Inc. is an innovative ecommerce accelerator and online sales platform dedicated to empowering women-owned businesses and driving their economic growth. We provide comprehensive training programs, technical assistance, and a robust online sales platform to accelerate the success of women entrepreneurs in the digital marketplace. As a certified Women-Owned Small Business, our mission is supporting, training and growing other women-owned ecommerce businesses.



Thank you for your donation!


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